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  Known bugs in POV-Ray version 3.5 that will be fixed in soon  

These bugs, while currently in POV-Ray 3.5 will be fixed in a future release. Note that this list is subject to change without notice and there may be other bugfixes not listed here that will be included. Once there is a public release with includes these bugfixes these bugs will be removed from this page. In the meantime, continue using the current version of POV-Ray 3.5.

Several blob bugs (job000189)

Among other problems, blobs have holes in certain circumstances, such as very small or big component radiuses

Reported in http://news.povray.org/3b99052c@news.povray.org

Reported in http://news.povray.org/3B991C90.D715B7A3@free.fr

Reported in http://news.povray.org/3c407ad3$1@news.povray.org

Reported in http://news.povray.org/Xns9115B92CF7D8ACQ@

Reported in http://news.povray.org/Xns91203DC7F3CCQ@

Reported in http://news.povray.org/3be5f0b2@news.povray.org

Reported in http://news.povray.org/Xns919C1CAA3E23Egerovandordatanethu@

Superellipsoid bug (job000190)

Strange dark patches occur on a superellipsoid when the east-west-exponent is set very small

Reported in http://news.povray.org/3b992a81@news.povray.org

Sphere sweep bug (job000200)

Discontinuous normals on inverse of sphere_sweep

Reported in http://news.povray.org/3C1A5D47.EA38F6E5@amc.uva.nl

Bicubic patch bug (job000202)

Bicubic patch triangles disappear in some circumstances.

Reported in http://news.povray.org/3c23b26c@news.povray.org

Mapping warps+transformation bug (job000212)

Object lighting is calculated incorrectly when mapping warps are used in normals and the object is rotated

Reported in http://news.povray.org/Xns9190F27EBFE9Bcsbhccse@

Reported in http://news.povray.org/3C4ABED3.F038E200@gmx.de

Julia object problem (job000216)

Julia objects sometimes present random artifacts. Whether this is an actual bug or just a floating point or other type of precision problem is not clear.

Reported in http://news.povray.org/3839f08c@news.povray.org

Problem with function result passing at parse time.

Reported in http://news.povray.org/povray.bugreports/26015/

  Known bugs in POV-Ray version 3.5  

Following is a listing of known bugs in POV-Ray 3.5. Most likely they will not be corrected until POV-Ray 4.0 (which is some way off).

Radiosity doesn't take double_illuminate into account (job000207)

Reported in http://news.povray.org/3BF6F1FE.D21B0C6@oreka.com

"Camera inside non-hollow object" reported erroneously in some cases with light_groups. (job000226)

Reported in http://news.povray.org/3c21172d$1@news.povray.org

  Bugs inherited from POV-Ray 3.1 and older versions  

These bugs, while they have been around for a long time have not been fixed in POV-Ray 3.5. In most cases they do not cause any serious problems, but it is still possible you find them while using POV-Ray. Many of them are related to precision in some way and can be worked around by changing the scale of the scene.

Poly object bug (job000038)

Some polys show artifacts

Reported in http://news.povray.org/3BEBEB4C.CA854309@pacbell.net

Highlight bug (job000137)

Highlights are sometimes visible in the non-lit side of a surface with highly perturbed normals

Reported in http://news.povray.org/3bb4cf08@news.povray.org

Media+fog problem (job000230)

Using media and fog has strange effects.

Reported in http://news.povray.org/3c1379e0$1@news.povray.org

Vector arithmetic using .t problems

Reported in http://news.povray.org/3c4bb31d$1@news.povray.org

Reported in http://news.povray.org/3c4fe83b@news.povray.org

Smooth triangle problem

In smooth meshes and smooth heightfields surface normals are sometimes inverted when they shouldn't.

Reported in http://news.povray.org/3c4ca8ff@news.povray.org

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